Our Immigration Consultants are fully licensed by the "Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council" (ICCRC), the national regulatory authority designated by the government of Canada to safeguard consumers who seek and retain the services of immigration consultants. However, consultants are not affiliated with the government. All details can be found here:http://www.iccrc-crcic.ca/

Immigration and Visa forms are available for free from the government at: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp

When retained, immigration consultants will provide you the following service that are not otherwise available for free from the Canadian Government:

1. Complete and detailed analysis of client's case based on his/her personal work experience, education level, language proficiency and other criteria. Building an immigration strategy for each particular client.

2. Representation of clients before Canadian Immigration and Visa Authorities.

3. Appeal in immigration and visa cases.

4. Complete preparation of different kinds of visa and immigration applications based on client's individual case, turning the weak points of the case into the strong ones, assessing and consulting the client throughout the whole process of application/immigration procedure.


Our Consultants:


Olena Korolova,
Immikor Canada
ICCRC ID R506242

99 Sheppard Ave West,
Toronto ON M2N1M4
(Sheppard-Yonge Subway Station)


Marina Tarassova,
MT Immigration
ICCRC ID R420239

3300 Bloor Street West, Suite 3140 Center Tower 11th Floor
Toronto ON M8X2X3
(Islington Subway Station)


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